About Us

When I first started college January of 2019, I gained weight my first couple of months which led me to feel insecure with my body. So, I began to start working out  March of 2019, that same month I purchased my first waist shaper. Throughout that first year of my fitness journey, I learned so much about working out and about different fitness apparel they had to help with my journey. 

January 2020, I decided that I wanted to come up with a brand that helps people feel beautiful inside and out while working out and doing daily duties.  I researched and tried many different vendors and products until I came up with the right products. From there, I decided on my brand name “Exotic Rush”.  

Exotic Rush was originally first established in August 2020 by CEO, Jala Hamilton, where items were sold to local members in my community. I wanted to come out with different waist trainers and fitness apparel that not only help make you look and feel while working out but doing daily errands as well. 

The vision behind Exotic Rush is, if you are rushing to look and feel exotic then exotic rush fitness apparel is the right way to go.